Thank you for participating in the Row for Hope. See below for the results.

Co-Ed 3 Person Team - SKI                               Time
Team Stetz 1:30:20
Jack and company 1:35:45
Male SoloTime
Solo - Jose Iglesias 1:36:49
Solo - Enver Rivera 1:42:30
Male 2 Person TeamTime
Team 1:20:44
Rowfondo 1:28:06
First Equity 1:31:19
Justin and Niel 1:32:00
Female SoloTime
Solo - Louise Conover DNS
Female 2 Person TeamTime
Fast and Furious 1:45:09
Team Carrion 1:49:29
Roses Team 10:00:00
Co-Ed 2 Person TeamTime
Blessing Bag Brigade 1:36:07
Team MCB 1:36:40
Rhonda & Bruce 1:50:13
Team Zinga DNS
Co-Ed 3 Person TeamTime
Bone Heads 1:28:41
North Wall 1:31:30
Full Speed Ahead 1:34:41
Team Noelle 1:35:04
530 & 7 team 1:36:50
Row Your Heart Out 1:38:40
Pik Doowrag 1:46:17
JA2638 DNS
Male 3 Person TeamTime
APACHE CrossFit 1:17:51
OGBP 1:19:17
Double Tap 1:19:35
GFP One 1:19:47
Winklevoss Triplets 1:20:57
Fatty Tunas 1:21:21
Team Tall 1:24:53
Antman 1:25:54
Waffle House 1:27:06
HGH 1:27:39
7am'ers 1:29:54
Fatty Tunas 2 1:29:55
BBP 1:30:25
The Bro-wers 1:30:44
Jarheads 1:31:37
GFP AM Warriors 1:31:39
8PM Misfits 1:34:49
Team Troisi 1:34:58
6 pack 1:37:49
RowTimRow 1:41:31
Female 3 Person Team Time
Row This Way 1:30:22
Jaws 1:31:43
Passaic Crew 2 1:35:20
The Burning CALs 1:38:46
Twisted Sisters 1:39:19
Row Now Wine Later 1:40:18
Special Eds 1:47:13
YMCA of Westfield DNS
4 Person TeamTime
Speakeasy Row Hard1:30:22
No Ma'am1:30:29
Team Bubba1:31:20
JAG rowers1:32:07
The Rowbots1:32:59
Team Kelly1:35:05
Team Anti1:35:09
That's How We Row!1:35:44
Sea Bright 11:36:21
4 girls and a rowing machine1:36:32
Training Room - 4P1:37:41
Sea Bright 31:41:12
Mr Milkman's Neighborhood1:41:28
Team Pattybells1:41:57
Nasty Girls1:42:09
OTF M'TOWN1:42:50
Three Hotties and The Dude1:43:00
Team CPD1:43:56
Rowin with the Homies1:44:16
Beauties and the Beast1:45:18
Training Room - 8AM - 11:45:48
Two doubled1:45:56
Team Tearoom1:46:56
Spark Shorties1:47:37
Sassy 6am-ers1:48:23
Team PERC1:48:55
Sea Bright 21:49:33
Just For Fun1:49:50
Mulroy Women1:50:00
Girls Junior Junior Varsity1:50:08
Fish Out Of Water1:51:59
Forever Fierce1:52:40
The B&T1:52:42
Team Turtle1:55:53
Team TOM2:07:51
The Kelly's2:10:00
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This is a four person team race consisting of various challenges giving participants an idea of the typical conditioning expected of the US special operations team. Each team will compete head to head, completing 10 Obstacles. The team that finishes with the fastest time will be awarded the WINNER OF THE WARRIOR CHALLENGE!


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