Thank you for participating in the Row for Hope. See below for the results.

Rob ZupkoSOLO1:23
Dan MalloySOLO1:23:24
Justin KinkelaSOLO1:34:55
Jeff SeymorSOLO1:40:30
The BrigadeCo-Ed 2 Person Team1:28:44
T&JCo-Ed 2 Person Team1:30:45
Rowers Showers GrowsCo-Ed 2 Person Team1:31:38.000
DiStefanoCo-Ed 2 Person Team1:31:58
Gary's GirlsCo-Ed 2 Person Team1:33:47
The Screw-upsFemale 2 Person Team1:41:36
Tall and TallerMale 2 Person Team1:16:04
Bay City RowlersMale 2 Person Team1:19:13.000
S.O.D.Male 2 Person Team1:20:57
Beer PressureMale 2 Person Team1:20:59
ANAMale 2 Person Team1:21:10
Hope2FinishMale 2 Person Team1:25:45
Running Man And JoshMale 2 Person Team1:25:50
Team TroisiCo-Ed 3 Person Team1:28:53
Mac'sCo-Ed 3 Person Team1:32:39
Team Newark SOACo-Ed 3 Person Team1:36:56
Team ChristieCo-Ed 3 Person Team1:22
JAWSFemale 3 Person Team1:32:02.000
Durham DollsFemale 3 Person Team1:32:27
JMPFemale 3 Person Team1:43:54
Fatty TunasFemale 3 Person Team1:49:08
Apache CrossFitMale 3 Person Team1:13:12
Dragon EnergyMale 3 Person Team1:14:04
Friends of Mitch BuchannonMale 3 Person Team1:15:09
OGBBMale 3 Person Team1:16:28
TBTMale 3 Person Team1:16:35
Two and a Half MenMale 3 Person Team1:16:50
PCFMale 3 Person Team1:18:14
Amazing GraceMale 3 Person Team1:19:26
Late Night 2Male 3 Person Team1:21:31.000
Team WaffelsMale 3 Person Team1:23:30
Fatty Tunas 2Male 3 Person Team1:24:04.000
Fatty Tunas 1Male 3 Person Team1:27:08
Team 14Male 3 Person Team1:27:12
GFP - Row,Row,RowMale 3 Person Team1:31:42
Shock PirateMale 3 Person Team1:32:08
Team ViejoMale 3 Person Team1:43:03.000
Team Tall4 Person Team +1:17:31
Rowing Dirty4 Person Team +1:18:04
FF14 Person Team +1:18:17.000
Three guys and Frank4 Person Team +1:23:09
No Rowgrets4 Person Team +1:23:49.000
Rows and Hoes4 Person Team +1:25:25
BTS4 Person Team +1:25:37.000
TR-Lift4 Person Team +1:25:42
GFP Rowers, Growers and Showers4 Person Team +1:26:52
Late Night 14 Person Team +1:26:59.000
Belmartians4 Person Team +1:27:57
Beach Creatures4 Person Team +1:28:08
Joey's Army4 Person Team +1:28:17
JAG Fund Rowers4 Person Team +1:28:51.000
JAG Rowers 24 Person Team +1:29:02.000
4 Shore4 Person Team +1:30:17
Boneheads part dew4 Person Team +1:30:47
Boris4 Person Team +1:30:47
St. Rows4 Person Team +1:30:51
4th Wheel4 Person Team +1:30:56
Dad bods4 Person Team +1:31:06.000
Hold My Beer4 Person Team +1:31:12.000
Motley Crew4 Person Team +1:31:35
Mr. Milkman's Neighborhood4 Person Team +1:33:33
Brewers-by-the-Sea4 Person Team +1:34:03
Los Locos4 Person Team +1:34:55
Three Seniors and A Freshman4 Person Team +1:35:10
The Flygirls4 Person Team +1:35:34
Apache Crossfit Ladies4 Person Team +1:35:43
Squan 6:00 Team 24 Person Team +1:36:34
Twisted Sisters4 Person Team +1:37:27
6amPlus14 Person Team +1:37:45
Never Give Up4 Person Team +1:38:16
Rosie Bells4 Person Team +1:38:24.000
Rowing with my Homies4 Person Team +1:39:04
Vic’s Vikings4 Person Team +1:39:15
37 In A Row4 Person Team +1:39:31
Keeping Our Ship Together4 Person Team +1:39:41.000
Team Anti4 Person Team +1:39:43
Twisted Sisters 34 Person Team +1:40:17
Blue Moons4 Person Team +1:40:34
Rowing With The Homies4 Person Team +1:40:44
Squan 6 am Team 14 Person Team +1:40:54
How Row Can You Go4 Person Team +1:42:04
Physical Therapy Works4 Person Team +1:42:10.000
MOST WANTED4 Person Team +1:42:42
Girls Junior Junior Varsity4 Person Team +1:47:11
Cinco de Mayo4 Person Team +1:47:51
Rowing Pains4 Person Team +1:48:42
Bump & Thump4 Person Team +1:49:15.000
Pineapple Squad4 Person Team +1:51:05.000
Big Tom4 Person Team +1:53:40.000
CFD Rowers4 Person Team +DNS

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