Thank you everyone who came out to support this amazing event! See below for the results.

NOTE: If you don’t see your team’s results you might have forgotten to write your team name on your time card – if your time doesn’t look accurate keep in mind times were hand written and some were very difficult to read, we did our best.

Ticket TypeTeamWhich Category Are You Competing In?Time
Team Member2 Oars 3 PTsFemale 3 Person Team1:41:38
Team Member3 yodas and a jedi4 Person Team +1:38:23
Team Member37 In A Row4 Person Team +1:44:52
Team Member5:15 Crew4 Person Team +1:39:56
Solo ParticipantAaron EgerterMale Solo1:52:16
Team MemberAmazing GraceMale 3 Person Team1:22:10
Team MemberApache CrossFitMale 3 Person Team1:15:04
Team MemberAtlantic Health4 Person Team +1:25:00
Team MemberAvon Cop Shop4 Person Team +1:42:03
Team MemberBack Dat A** UpCo-Ed 2 Person Team1:30:03
Team MemberBay City RowersMale 2 Person Team1:21:34
Team MemberBelmartians4 Person Team +Time
Team MemberBoats and RoesCo-Ed 3 Person Team1:38:37
Team MemberBrew Crew4 Person Team +1:42:21
Team MemberBrewmaster Crew4 Person Team +Time
Solo ParticipantBrian ConlonMale Solo-bike**1:28:30
Team MemberBTS LadiesFemale 3 Person Team1:28:56
Team MemberByrnes4 Person Team +1:52:00
Team MemberClan MacKay4 Person Team +1:37:15
Team MemberCrossFit FreeholdMale 3 Person Team1:22:55
Solo ParticipantDan MalloyMale Solo1:31:12
Team MemberDiStefanoCo-Ed 2 Person Team1:36:11
Team MemberDodgeballCo-Ed 3 Person Team1:24:35
Team MemberDogwig Printing4 Person Team +1:41:48
Solo ParticipantDonald CresitelloMale Solo1:36:27
Team MemberDragon EnergyMale 3 Person Team1:16:37
Team MemberDumpsterfireMale 3 Person Team1:19:03
Team MemberE. Norma StitzCo-Ed 3 Person Team1:20:32
Team MemberEncouragementMale 3 Person Team2:02:03
Team MemberFatty Tunas - 2Male 3 Person Team1:27:36
Team MemberFatty Tunas - 3Female 3 Person Team1:42:46
Team MemberFatty Tunas -1Male 3 Person Team1:30:24
Team MemberFish outta waterMale 3 Person Team1:30:54
Team MemberGFP CrewMale 3 Person Team1:19:24
Team MemberGFP Gs4 person Team +1:33:45
Team MemberGFP Team ToftCo-Ed 3 Person Team1:36:36
Team MemberGirls Junior Junior Varsity4 Person Team +1:56:16
Team MemberGo4it4 Person Team +1:43:15
Team MemberGreekirishMale 2 Person Team1:26:24
Team MemberHemispheres4 Person Team +
Team MemberIn Deep Ship4 Person Team +1:36:51
Team MemberIn SyncCo-Ed 3 Person Team1:31:01
Team MemberJAG Rowers 14 Person Team +1:38:00
Solo ParticipantJan GaszynskiMale Solo1:32:20
Solo ParticipantJason SeymourMale Solo1:41:24
Team MemberJSA Surf Team4 Person Team +1:26:43
Team MemberJust Keep Rowing4 Person Team +1:49:54
Team MemberKathy’s crew4 Person Team +1:45:48
Team MemberKeeping our Ship Together4 Person Team +1:48:30
Team MemberKrabby PattiesMale 2 Person Team1:22:02
Solo ParticipantLemkeMale Solo1:36:20
Team MemberMAKE GrAINSCo-Ed 2 Person Team1:35:18
Team MemberMantoLift4 Person Team +1:21:15
Solo ParticipantMarc AltenauMale Solo1:33:09
Team MemberMermaid VibesFemale 3 Person Team1:47:08
Team MemberMilkman's NeighborhoodMale 3 Person Team1:40:22
Team MemberMind Over Matter4 Person Team +1:30:40
Team MemberNauti by 2 Oars4 Person Team +1:30:00
Team MemberOGBPMale 3 Person Team1:22:13
Solo ParticipantPatti FrancoFemale Solo1:58:38
Team MemberPK's Rigatoni4 Person Team +1:43:00
Team MemberPoseidon’s PosseCo-Ed 3 Person TeamTime
Team MemberPower CoupleFemale 2 Person Team1:29:50
Team MemberRichardson's RowersCo-Ed 2 Person Team1:53:28
Team MemberRolling Thunder4 Person Team +1:33:50
Team MemberRosie Rowers4 Person Team +1:47:10
Team MemberRow Hard or Row HomeFemale 3 Person Team1:41:56
Team MemberRow Row 5-04 Person Team +1:29:41
Team MemberRowbi-wan KenobiFemale 3 Person Team1:27:29
Team MemberRuh Row4 Person Team +Time
Team MemberSheila’s Warriors4 Person Team +Time
Team MemberSilent HeroesCo-Ed 3 Person Team1:25:10
Team MemberSlow your RowMale 2 Person Team1:27:14
Team MemberSpiderpig3 Person Co-Ed Team 1:29:35
Team MemberSquan Squad4 Person Team +Time
Team MemberStill Crazy After All These Years4 Person Team +1:32:00
Team MemberTeam 734 Person Team +1:28:08
Team MemberTeam Anti4 Person Team +1:41:33
Team MemberTeam JV4 Person Team +1:47:40
Team MemberTeam Lynch4 Person Team +1:44:38
Team MemberTeam TallMale 4 Person Team1:23:30
Team MemberTeam Tom3 Person Co-Ed Team 1:52:00
Team MemberTeam TurtleMale 3 Person Team1:33:59
Team MemberTeam Vicky4 Person Team +1:49:21
Team MemberTeam Wyatt4 Person Team +1:46:02
Team MemberThe “ski” amigosCo-Ed 3 Person Team *SKI1:38:52
Team MemberThe Judge and the Executioners4 Person Team +1:33:44
Team MemberThe Lift Gym PUNISH FATIGUE4 Person Team +1:28:06
Team MemberThe Rookies4 Person Team +1:30:37
Team MemberThe Screw-upsFemale 2 Person Team1:48:25
Team MemberThe Titanic4 Person Team +1:20:27
Team MemberTwisted Sistas4 Person Team +1:38:46
Team MemberTwo and a Half MenMale 3 Person Team1:21:05
Team MemberTwo Fit Crazies and a MicrophoneCo-Ed 2 Person Team1:30:22
Solo ParticipantWafflesMale 3 Person Team1:26:51
Solo ParticipantZen MasterMale Solo1:41:31

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