A big thank you to all the participants and volunteers!!

With your efforts over $20,000 were raised to support Task Force Dagger. The SVS Team lead the fundraising charge by raising over $13,000 themselves! Thank you so much!

See below for the 2022 Warrior Challenge Results.  Photos will be posted soon.


Racer/Team NameCategoryEvent TimeOverall Rank
NevergastMale Elite Partner0:34:121
RyanMMale Open Solo0:37:482
Frank & ChristyMale Open Partner0:37:503
Mass and Ass DeLuca - IICo-Ed Elite0:38:324
LaschMale Elite Solo0:38:515
Team Workin & DoinMale Open Partner0:39:316
Punish FatigueCo-Ed Elite0:39:527
Freehold Cross Fit Masters MenMale Elite Partner0:40:178
The SVS Team - JonesMale Open Solo0:40:239
JohnsonMale Elite Solo0:40:2810
The SVS Team / Max ChallengeMale Open Partner0:40:5611
Itri / MenfaraMale Open Partner0:41:0812
AltenauMale Elite Solo0:41:3913
Rook GripMale Elite Partner0:42:0414
On Point AthletesMale Open Partner0:42:1415
Iron Strong - WomenFemale Open Partner0:42:3016
Frenchies Drink BeerMale Open Partner0:42:4117
Fight MilkMale Elite Partner0:42:4718
Kyle & DanielMale Elite Partner0:42:5819
MulroyMale Elite Solo0:43:1820
Newell Strength Tribe - JazikoffMale Elite Partner0:43:2121
Walkiewicz BrothersMale Open Partner0:43:2522
Sleeves are BSFemale Open Partner0:43:2823
The SVS TeamMale Open Partner0:43:3324
Two much troubleFemale Open Partner0:43:4925
Alex & MikeMale Elite Partner0:44:0326
BrinewFemale Elite Solo0:44:1027
J and JFemale Elite Partner0:44:1628
Carroll Stantiago TeamMale Open Partner0:44:5229
Iron Strong - MenMale Open Partner0:44:5530
ZetoMale Elite Solo0:46:1331
Claire & AinsleyFemale Open Partner0:46:1732
MorrisFemale Elite Solo0:46:4033
Denise and SusanFemale Open Partner0:47:1234
EhrhardtMale Elite Solo0:47:3235
VirgilioFemale Open Solo0:48:5736
SVS Rodriguez - IIMale Open Partner0:49:1137
Iron Strong - Co-EdCo-Ed Open0:50:3838
Sandy Bottom BoysMale Elite Solo0:50:5039
Newell Strength Tribe - Tess & TarynFemale Open Partner0:51:0140
Emergency Contact NeededCo-Ed Open0:51:0241
Shep brothersMale Open Partner0:51:1342
YOU MATTERFemale Open Partner0:51:3343
Mass and Ass DeLuca - ICo-Ed Elite0:51:5144
SemiliaMale Elite Solo0:52:4245
Boat Crew 2Male Elite Partner0:53:2146
Fit ForeverMale Elite Partner0:53:2947
Cathy x2Female Open Partner0:56:2648
JFKMale Elite Partner0:57:3849
NS Boro BoysMale Open Partner0:59:0550
Jesse DusenberyMale Open Partner0:59:2551
150X2 BAJIO   Male Open Partner1:00:4052
BeckmanFemale Open Solo1:01:2053
RoseFemale Open Solo1:01:5854
TomCarusoMale Elite Solo1:02:0555
RyanFemale Elite Solo1:02:1556
Newell Strength Tribe - Sandy & MannyCo-Ed Open1:03:1757
Green MachineCo-Ed Open1:03:2358
SVS Rodriguez - IMale Open Partner1:11:2459


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