The Training Room , located in Avon, NJ has been a major contributor to the Silent Warrior Fund and Host to the Warrior Events for the past 3 years.  The gym, with over 12 years in the making; has developed an integrated system of fitness that uses minimal equipment and yields incredible results in minimal time. Their training system can be implemented in ANY setting such as gym, home, or while on vacation.

There is a reason why “Training Room” students have been the top Warrior Event finishers and why there is a very wide gap between them and the male/female competition, for the past two years.

Warrior Events are not events that you just jump into without proper preparation if your serious about winning. If you want to keep up with the best, you will need to train as hard or even harder then them. Of course your #1 option is to train with them at The Training Room. If you cannot make it to the “Training Room” or live a little to far from Avon by the sea, that’s ok. The owners of the Gym have decided to help you out.

They are creating special “Warrior Event” training protocol to follow right on their website. They will post simple/minimal equipment workouts that can be done at home to help prepare your body for the rigors of these events! Visit and go to the “‘Warrior Challenge Training” page of the website!

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Training at The Training Room is different than anything I have ever done.  I love how the workouts are unique every time.  I am noticing real improvement in my strength and building a good foundation for cardio.  Mike and Jim have helped me modify exercises to help my shoulders progress and get complete training sessions.  It is awesome how they guide me through every exercise and make sure my form is solid.  Spending time at The Training Room will give me a perfect foundation for my pre-season in professional soccer next month.  Anyone who attends these classes will appreciate the intensity and passion Mike and Jim possess.  And they have a common sense approach when it comes to injuries and training.  You will love working with them!
Christie Rampone, Captain, USA Womens Soccer and Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist
Mike Stehle and Jim Milkowski are my go-to guys when I’m looking for super-effective, time-efficient and innovative training solutions. Mike and Jim have never failed to impress me with their creative programming and their results simply speak for themselves. Honestly, just visit Mike and Jim on any morning of the week and witness crowds of his raving fans smiling while swingin some kettlebells and firehose.Mike and Jim keep them coming back for more…not because of their charming good looks but because their training is fun and effective. If you ever have the opportunity to training with Mike and Jim I say ‘Jump on it.
Zach Even – Esh,
Mike Stehle and Jim Milkowski are the Masters at creating kick ass workouts that produce results FAST as well as Masters at growing a fitness business. I met Mike and Jim 7 years ago and they were the first place in the area to be holding Kettlebell classes, seminars and group classes. They were ahead of the curve back then and they are still at the forefront of Fitness, ALWAYS innovating and NEVER following!
Steve Cotter, FullKontact Kettlebells - Creator of “The Encyclopedia of Kettlebells” and the IKFF


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What is Warrior Events about? We are about challenging ourselves and others to live well, train hard and offer a helping hand along the way.

Training Room

Phone: 732-988-1555
Address: 406 Main Street,
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